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Job Searching Much?

Sure you got your craigslist app installed pulling up updates seamlessly even despite the internet blackout. Your experience may even tell you that you’ll find the next gig through someone you already know. OR you are still swearing by ‘What Color is Your Parachute’ the ultimate job hunters bible .

All of that is part of your repertoire as an active job hunter, along with so much more. Another resource as a matter of fact was unveiled today by the City of Atlanta & Kazim Reed. Tweet my jobs for Atlanta is an ambitious social media fueled job seekers resource website. Its sleek and simple homepage assesses your skills, interests & personality even for a fitting job/career path. I must admit, the narcissist in me did enjoy the job predictor test under tools, tell me something I don’t know about ME!

As I am still checking it out, setting my alerts, deciding on twitter channels etc. it’s fair to say that if you spend time on various social media channels you are going to love this site. As far as success rate regarding a job placement will go…well I’ll be back to report & hope to hear from some of you too.

Good Luck to you all!

P.S. Still in my top three online job seeker’s resources: the Georgia Department of Labor – click here


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