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Arepa Mia – Simple from the Heart kinda Food

Happy Stomach    Warm Heart

Arepa Mia‘s slogan resonates loud & clear with any hungry soul. For good reason, this simple scrumptious dish, prepared by Venezuelan Native Lisbet Hernadez, hits the spot every time!

An arepa is a traditional South American dish, originated in Venezuela, prepared & used much like bread. Instead of wheat, arepas are made from the base of ground corn and are often served in street side stands, restaurants or at home.

Liz Hernandez prepares her arepas by hand with locally sourced ingredients. The meats she uses come from Riverview Farms, vegetables are sourced via Woodland Farms among others. Learn more about Liz & the story behind her Arepas in the following clip.

~Live well & Be merry~


One response to “Arepa Mia – Simple from the Heart kinda Food

  1. KnowRealFood, Jess Avasthi March 27, 2012 at 1:48 am

    I like! You captured her story really well. And what a great story this is!

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