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Monsoon Season

You can’t have a Farmers Market without the land & crops getting an adequate amount of rainfall. However, conducting a market while it rains can prove to be a real challenge.  During yesterday’s East Atlanta Village Market a storm hit the east side of town…hard. Heavy rainfall started only seconds after I had received my SNAP & Wholesome Wave tokens. Baby in tow, I rushed underneath Little Tart Bakeshop’s tent, alongside one of the market’s musicians, a violin player wearing her tip jar cleverly strapped as a backpack.  What happened next can only be described as an accelerated storm front whipping across us, with continuous heavy rainfall accompanied by strong winds, ripping on all of the vendors tents. Every now and then sunshine peeked in the distance, toying with the hope of all market participants that this could end any second now.

Peek the pictures of the treacherous down-pour:

The market manager, noticeable in part in the distance, is checking the sky to look for signs for market to be continued or broken down.

Vendors lowered their tents to keep wind and rain at bay. Regardless of the storm, a few shoppers continued to show up.

Children and their parents stayed at the market even during the hardest of rain

Children running in the distance.

Arguably my favorite shot. Collected water collapses from Lil Tart shops tent, at this point we were soaked holding on to the tent’s posts to keep it from being blown away.

Istill managed to buy a few items; thankfully & due to the help of various folks, who scrambled to get me a feasible umbrella, kept my baby & I entertained, dry & save for a couple of hours at the market, plus of course the farmers who nourish our lives!

Furthermore, did you know that you can use the same tokens from East Atlanta’s market at Grant Park Farmers Market on Sundays? If you ever forget a few items & have left over tokens to spare, you don’t have to wait a whole week to make use of them.

I thought my experience at the market was yet again a real testament to community and how well people can work together and stand their ground. It is certainly something we need more of in today’s times.

~ Cheerio


The Joy of Cycling

kahari bike downtown atlanta  A few years ago I received a life changing gift that reacquainted  me with man’s earlier ways of travel.  The experience has opened me up to an underground urban commuting network of many different people of diverse backgrounds.  From those who do it for fun to those who do it for work there is one common interest, arriving to ones desired destination safely. On my journey I discovered the joy of cycling.

The bicycle has been around since the early 1800s, with concepts dating back to the 1400s.  I was introduced to the bicycle in 1985. My first bike, equipped with training wheels, was enough to make it to the stop sign. When I received a bicycle as a gift a few years back,  I was thinking traffic filled streets & stop lights. Since then I have made cycling my preferred method of travel. Cars, buses, trains & planes are good, but don’t forget the bicycle.

I have met fellow cyclist  that have been the most earth conscious & encouraging group of people who fuel my joy of the commute.  Other cyclists stick out amongst the cars & usually a common courtesy of acknowledgement occurs. The experience of the ride, even in traffic jams does not irritate the cyclist, so engaging in communication with a fellow two-wheeler comes naturally & usually without irritation.  I remember seeing a cyclist stopped to eat from a fig tree at one time. Figs being one of my favorite fruits I had to taste one. A  fresh fruit  tree that has mostly gone unnoticed in the urban environment put a smile on my face. Local food sources seemed to flower, thrive & flourish in my path.  Another aspect of cycling that fueled my joy is the local food experience. Literally!

One of the main things that will keep anyone safe from stumbling is awareness. Being fully aware of the moment & all the occurrences within any given moment is a form of meditation.  For me, cycling is meditation in motion.  In urban environments you may find potholes or local food fresh on a tree or vine even. Powered by the intent to enjoy the commute, I usually avoid harm & arrive to my destination in the same feeling  of joy I acquired from the journey. Maybe you are inspired to join me in the joy of cycling.  I highly recommend reintroducing this form of travel to yourself & others.  You will be surprised at how “ecoficient” it is. Safe travels.